Sale season is almost in the middle and at last I had opportunity to check out the stores in some Warsaw galeries. It was real fun, all saturday wondering from shop to shop, and trying on different kind of clothes. I love to test odd looking pieces, sometimes they occure to be very good choice - cause what looks good on hanger not always suits us, and vice versa!
I found some great stuff, but more about it in next post :)
On my shopping excursion I dressed comfortably. As I already wrote I like wild prints and this leopard print warm sweater is perfect for winter weather. Wearing it with leather mini skirt I can get rid of a sweet girl look...Xoxo

sweater - thecitynation.com / skirt - H&M / earring - Tally Wejil / watch - Michel Kors /
 necklace - Apart


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  2. Love your blog- loving your looks.
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