@CASEapp - BEST phone cases

I'm so happy about my new phone case from caseapp.com! It's unique and fully mine.
I think everyone have something from artist inside and possibility to visualize our imagination in form of phone cases or skins is awesome. Making our things more personal and unique we emphasize our individuality. Phones and notebooks become part of lives and our style. I like surround myself with pretty things and I love to have choice how my personal things will look like :)

"DON'T BE the same, BE better."



Rarely I have opportunity to meet other bloggers - that's way if I'm not really busy I'm happy to attend such events as Fashion blogger fest  this saturday in Warsaw :). Organizer (Lula.pl) tries to make it interesting for those who have (or want to have) their small place in internet network. And I must say they manage. There were interesting lectures, some fashion shows with Augustin Egurolla dancers, Marco Aldany hair stylists ready to create something beautiful out of our hair... and I have to mention delicious panna cotta and nice small presents. 
And of course after the event I still have energy for little shopping trip - all me...

Beautiful black heeled boots spotted in #PrimaModa <3