Hi everyone on friday morning! Today I attach some pictures in my new macrame dress from very simple - new italian online store :). Try it on yesterday and must say it looks great! Though I liked it anyway, it looks better than I thought. It's so delicate and chic with some little pearls sew in the front <3. I think I will wear it tomorrow for my friend birthday party. And I have some ideas how to wear it in more casual version ... only need to buy some nice suitable sneakers ;)

 dress - very simple (click) / fur coat - thecitynation.com / shoes - ibucik.pl / bag -  NN (old)



I introduce you to my very ordinary, casual, comfortable outfit - which lately (in this or similar version) I wear almost everyday :).  Somehow I become a home-bird and not that it bother me... Sometimes I like to stay at home in front of computer, wrighting posts or other entries (- hope just not too serious) and working a little :D
But I'm really looking for saturday when I will celebrate my friend birthday - it will be really girls day and cause my girls band is so cool there will be a lot of fun! 
Have a nice day!

pants- thecitynation.com / shoes - reserved / sweatshirt - old (don't remember)



Having a great guy as a husband (:-*), awesome family and friends, many plans and dreams to follow I must say I really love my life! So below nice quote for happy life :D
"Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile."

Ok, some words about clothes...
 A lot of photos today :) I bought some nice staff lately, and here you can see some of it. I wanted  tulle midi skirt for a while, but after tring it on, I decided to get shorter version. It will do for more occasions, and match better to tops that I already have. And of course it looks great with my new Chanel printed sweatshirt - both pieces from Moshito (thanx girls!) :) And at last I can wear my delicate fur coat - it's perfect for sunny, middle cold weather...

 skirt, sweatshirt - moshito.pl / fur coat - thecitynation.com / boots - reserved / sunglasses - parfios



  At last some pics made on fresh air! Like I said today to one of my brothers: I like winter (snow and cold ...) till end of December, in January I tolerate this, but in February I dream about spring. My dreams come true cause it's sunny and warm and  it seems to stay like that till march or even longer (so they say in weather forecasts) :D.  Lately I'm really fond of my new eyes sweatshirt, which I bought cheap and it's similar to those from Kenzo! It work great with so many clothes.
Thanx to my brother who made me so many nice photos ... it was hard to choose the best!

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It's today," squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day," said Pooh.”
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