My ability to write something reasonable lies deep under the snow.  I badly need some inspiration - help me who can! Ok, I will just write some very meaningless words and maybe go back to play with my favourite winter toy...snow, haha.

I'm crazy about my hair a little bit (or even not so little)...I want them to be long, but unfortunatly they like to be short :(. About 3 weeks ago I heard that there is awesome medicine for  their growing: yeast. Every morning, before breakfast you need to crushed them in a cup, pour boiling (boiling!!!) water, leaving undercover to make it cool a little and you drink it. And so on for a month, then monthly break. Yeah - taste like shit (not that I tried, just guessing :/), but after 3 weeks drinking I must say it works!
Not that I stopped thinking about extensions...but really good hair are so expensive!

Ok - for some time I will stay with yeast and we will see :)

 winter jacket - cropp / jeans, shawl - thecitynation.com / hat - Stradivarius / glasses - parfios / shoes - reserved / bag - NN


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