Lately I bought some new clothing staff: pastel pink jacket, black&white dress, leather boots and sunglasses. The biggest problem I had with shoes - I needed them badly and couldn't found the pair which would suited me completely. I like when boots reaches a little above the ankles, are slightly pointed and of course comfortable on a solid heel. I hoped to find them on sale, but I guess I'm lucky to found them anyway...even though I payed regular price, they wasn't expensive :)
As for the jacket, I liked two - one was dark green from River Island  and the second which I bought from Stradivarius. Pastels are cheerful and so perfect for dark, wet weather :)
It's nice when all new clothes match each other and make cool set!

Below are the photos which I came across yesterday looking through an old magazine, with two beautiful polish models: #Emilia Nawarecka and #Maria Loks - they looks cool, isn't it?
I found these pics looking through old magazines and I love them <3
shoes - Reserved / jacket - stradivarius / sunglasses - parfios / dress - NN store


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  2. Beautiful jacket !

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